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First start.

  At the first start of the program a language on which it is necessary to display headers and comments is unknown to it.   Therefore at the first start on a menu hatches with the list of accessible languages:

  Choose a language (for example, "English").   After it (for an example) descriptions of three objects are created:
  • A bar is "Plane tree"; office hours - three in three days; displayed.
  • "days through three" ; office hours are days - work, three days of weekend (guard); undisplayed.
  • "day, night two rest days." ; office hours are a day, wirk at night, two days of weekend (port); displayed.
Later you can change (in the mode of "Tuning") the names, durations of changing, signs of displayed.

   The chosen language and other parameters will be memorized in of long duration memory of telephone and will be used for the subsequent starts of the program, while will not be changed.